Who is this Guy?

A Long, Winded Bio


I am a lover of alpine skiing, passionate about teaching, and believe our potential as human beings has yet to be seriously tapped. My novels and other writings reflect this optimism. 

My experience in the classroom and on Florida State University's campus shows me the potential of human creativity and capacity every day. I am inspired by my students and what they are willing to do to achieve positive social change. I am also the human that Salomon the Wonder Dog toleratedunder the same roof until he passed away in March 2019.

This website is primarily for people interested in my "extracurricular activities"--writing novels, empowering men and women through self-defense coaching, and finding really interesting things in the real world that we sometimes miss. Throughout this website, visitors will find links to my action adventure novels, various other articles I write, my campus-focused self-defense curricula, and my musings on popular culture. 

I use all this background and experience to also frame my workshops on film, storytelling, and character development. I have a sampling of those on-line here

Formal Education


  • I earned my Ph.D. in public administration with concentrations in public finance and urban planning from The Ohio State University. 
  • I received my M.S. in social and applied economics from Wright State University.
  • I earned my Ph.D. in public administration with concentrations in public finance and urban planning from The Ohio State University. 
  • I studied public choice and Austrian economics as a doctoral student and Bradley Fellow at George Mason University.

More Insights About Me

My Christian faith is an important part of my outlook on life, but not for reasons many people may think. I consider myself a Christian Humanist. For most of my adult life, I was a Secular Humanist. I embraced Christianity after a long period of spiritual self reflection, deeper study of social psychology, and taking a deep dive into history. 

Many people seemed curious about this journey, particularly since it started as an intellectual pursuit and much later in my adult life. So, I wrote my story up in 2014. Click below if you want to learn more about the circuitous nature of my journey. 

My "home" church is Element3 Church in Tallahassee, where "faith, authenticity, and emerging culture meet." (For those interested, Sunday services occur at 9 am and 11 am.) 

My Faith Journey

Click on the file below to learn more about my spiritual journey to Christian Humanism

StaleyChristianHumanism (pdf)


Major Professional Affiliations

Florida State University


I am on the full-time faculty of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy and director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center, a free market public policy think tank operating from an endowment. I teach course in social entrepreneurship, research methods, urban planning, and urban economics. The DeVoe Moore Center's website can be found here

I am very proud of the face I have built the center from just 4 full-time equivalent staff and faculty to more than 12, with over 20 students working for us in some capacity each year.  More on our unique business model can be found here

The Independent Institute

 I am a Research Fellow and film critic at the Independent Institute in Oakland, California where I write on popular culture and whatever else they let me use their platform for. A list of all my writings (and movie reviews) can be founder on their website here.  The Independent Institute platform has been incredibly important and essential the publication of Contemporary Film and Economics, just published by Routledge.  

Southern Yellow Pine Publishing

 I am happy and proud to be part of the SYP Publishing family of authors. SYP Publishing is a small, traditional press that is growing very rapidly. Check out their website and authors.  SYP authors have been doing quite well in the literary awards programs run by the Florida Writers Association and the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. For a state with the fourth largest number of professional writers, editors, and publishers the nation, that's not bad.  

Townhall Finance

 I have recently started a column at Town Hall Finance, with the hopes of increasing my contributions so that I regularly post content on social entrepreneurship, managing Millennials and iGen workers, and the movie industry. My meager writings (to date) can be found here.  

Tallahassee Writers Association

 I have been active in the Tallahassee Writers Association since moving to Florida in 2011. TWA is an incredibly diverse talent pool of more than 200 writers in the Tallahassee and North Florida area. I coordinate their Downtown Marketplace mobile book store, so I get to meet lots of great writers and literary-minded folks all the time. If you live in the Big Bend area of Florida, come visit us at Downtown Marketplace from 9 am to 2 pm every Saturday (September-November, April-June).  

Q & A

When did you start writing?


I've been writing since college when I co-edited a undergraduate journal on public policy at Colby College. I didn't start writing fiction until much later when I wanted something different and fresh to keep my brain active. I learned fiction writing the hard way--rolling up my sleeves and just doing it. I used readers to give me feedback, and a just slogged away at stories and characters and plot. I don't really recommend that approach (except for the writing part). Lot's of resources exist to help writers get started and improve today. Writers today can make a lot of progress much faster as long as they remember they have to crawl before they can walk, and they should walk before they run.  

What has surprised you most in your career as a writer?


 Earning more than 10 literary awards for my fiction and nonfiction writing. I never thought my books would do as well as they have, but I believed in my characters and my stories. Fortunately, the judges seem to like them, too! 

Why pirates?


The ideas and characters that drive the Pirate of Panther Bay series are rooted in failure. At the time, I had a literary agent who was trying to place another novel. She heard about a new imprint for young adult romance and asked if I would be interested in writing and submitting something. I had never even thought about writing romance, but I'm always up for a challenge that stretches my boundaries or takes me out of my comfort zone. So, I said "sure!". Now, I've got a series with Southern Yellow Pine Publishing.