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The Pirate of Panther Bay

The Pirate of Panther Bay

Book I of the series follows Isabella, Jean-Michel, and her pirate crew through the treacherous waters of the Caribbean Sea as she pillages the merchant ships of her former colonial masters. Isabella and Jean-Michel face pitched high seas battles, mutiny, treachery, and relentless pirate hunters in this saga of redemption and revenge in 1781.

Tortuga Bay

Isabella, Jean-Michel, and Juan Carlos have escaped near destruction off Privateer Pointe, but they are now in thick of international intrigue as Spain, France, Britain, and American revolutionaries fight for control of the New World. Isabella and Jean-Michel find themselves in the thick of a budding slave revolution in Port-au-Prince. Will Isabella follow the voodoo prophecy? Are freedom and loyalty in conflict? The fast-paced adventure earned Tortuga Bay accolades, including three first place wins in literary competitions. 

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Calusa Spirits

Isabella, Jean-Michel, and Juan Carlos find themselves fighting for their lives off the coast of Cuba and in the Florida Everglades as they make their way toward a new life in New Orleans. Calusa Spirits will launch on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19, 2018! Check out the on-line virtual book launch on Facebook.

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Taking Home the Booty and Seizing the Classrooms

Reviews and Awards

Gold medals and first place awards in historical fiction and young adult/new adult categories.

Six literary awards and counting! Check out why reviewers call the Pirate of Panther Bay series a swashbuckling tale of action, adventure, and romance.

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Pirates in the Classroom

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