Practical Self Defense


Philosophy of Self-defense and Martial Arts

Every student, indeed every person, can be empowered to protect themselves and others they care about when they are given the right tools, techniques, and skills. These tools are physical and psychological, and should be capable of being applied in the real world, not just the dojo or on the training mat.  

The Role of Martial Arts

Campus Ninja Self Defense uses as a foundation the practical, self-defense oriented martial art of To-Shin Do. This martial art teaches fundamental skills that can be deployed by almost anyone faced with a potential physical threat, including men and women of smaller stature, without becoming a black belt (although this is encouraged!). Workshops are designed to build core self-defense skills as well as the ability to assess potential threatening situations.

A Reality-based Approach

Our workshops and classes are built on the real-world experiences of students on college campuses and elsewhere. Students are taught basic defenses that can be used if they find themselves in dangerous situations.



From Student to Ninja

Curriculum Overview

     The curricula provided by Campus Ninja Self Defense -- whether a 3 hour workshop, a 6 week crash course, or a semester long program -- give participants a broad set of tools that will help them cope with real threats that emerge unexpectedly. This curriculum provides tools to students so they can defend themselves against physical assaults, regardless of how they ended up in the situation to begin with.  These tools have been selected because they provide practical options to get them out of a bad situation. The do not require the student to be physically strong or large. In fact, smaller students using these techniques often find it easier to gain advantage over larger and stronger students.

     My programs present curricula that are both practical and accessible. [1]  The format and structure is based on real threats and events culled from real-life student experiences and campus crime reports. Thus, the skills and techniques are not developed to defend against hypothetical threats or attacks. Instead, they can aid you in dangerous situations such as:


  • Physical fights
  • Bullying
  • Peer intimidation
  • Sexual harassment & assault, including rape
  • Robbery

To-Shin Do

The techniques taught in this curriculum are grounded in the taijutsu martial art of To-Shin Do, a self-defense system developed from the principles and applications forming the basis of traditional Ninjutsu, and can be found in:

Curriculum Details

The Practical Self Defense workshops and curriculum is designed to meet a wide range of needs and concerns. We can structure the workshops as....

  • 15 Week Practical Self Defense Curriculum (21 hours of instruction)
  • 6-Week Practical Self-Defense Curriculum (12 hours of instruction)
  • 3-hour introductory workshop in practical self-defense
  • GPE Clinic Nepal Practical Self Defense Curriculum ​

Global Peace Exchange Self-Defense Curriculum (pdf)


Sample semester-long curriculum outline (pdf)


Women in Martial Arts: A Roundtable

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