Enough is Enough


An Overview

A primer on college campus sexual assault for parents and college-bound students

Unsafe on Any Campus?

By Samuel R. Staley, Ph.D., Foreword by Ruth Krug

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Ruth Ann Krug, a college rape survivor, is a certified trauma-sensitive yoga trainer and mindfulness teacher based in the Midwest. She is also a Restorative Justice practitioner, working in local public schools. A graduate of Florida State University, she majored in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a focus on political science, nonprofit administration and economics. Ruth’s healing journey is chronicled along with other survivor stories and testimonies on her blogs Feeding the Heart and Reclaiming Lost Voices.   

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Campus Rape and the Soul of College
  • Chapter 2: Sex, Rape and Human Dignity 
  • Chapter 3: Sexual Assault and the Failure of Civil Society 
  • Chapter 4: Sexual Assault, Predatory Rape, and Campus Culture 
  • Chapter 5: Experts Talk About Sexual Assault on College Campuses 
  • Chapter 6: Moving Forward: Changing Culture 
  • Chapter 7: Personal Trauma as the Starting Point 
  • Chapter 8: The Path Forward: A Trauma-Centered Approach 
  • Chapter 9: The Reluctant Education of an Anti-Campus Rape Crusader


Survivor Testimonial

“I finally had time to read your book. It is so good. Every time I would reach a point where I'd think to myself ‘that's not how it is’ you would literally clear it up in the next few lines. It raised so many questions and provided so many answers. As a college-aged women who has experienced these things, and this culture, I was so pleased to be able to read all of my same thoughts laid out neatly. Thank you for this.” Anonymous, Chicago, campus rape survivor

Reader's Favorite Review

  5 Star Review!"Staley provides thorough details and statistics that make this a combination textbook, self-help guide that could easily be used in study groups, book clubs, and classrooms." Lisa McCombes, Reader's Favorite Review 

New Southern Gentleman

 "Staley has done his homework and presented colleges everywhere with a lucid and comprehensive plan for dealing with one of campus life’s most serious issues. We can only hope that his book will reach a wide audience and foster meaningful discussion on a topic that needs immediate and comprehensive treatment." Jim Booth, New Southern Gentleman. 

Resources on Campus Sexual Assault

Public Forum on Campus Sexual Assault


What is sexual assault? What are campuses doing to address it? This forum  hosted at Element3 Church in Tallahassee convened a panel of experts to answer these questions and more. 

25 Questions About College Campus Safety


What Parents and Students Can Do


What Inspired the Book...


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