What Happens When a Millenial Runs The North Pole?


St. Nic, Inc.


It runs in the family.

When Nicole Klaas's father experiences a fatal heart attack, she has little choice but give up her studies at MIT and return to the North Pole to take over the family business. As a fourth generation "Claus," she knows what she has to do. But is it the right thing? Can she lead a billion-dollar global social enterprise? Or should she finish college as an engineer and pursue her true passion designing cutting edge software? 

Unfortunately, she finds herself in a race against time when she learns her family business is now the center of international intrigue and the target of an international investigation into corruption and criminal activity. 

2nd Place winner, Published Mainstream/Literary Fiction, Royal Palm Literary Competition.

Tallahassee Democrat

"St Nic, Inc. offers a fresh vision of what modern tools like the Internet and high-speed delivery services might accomplish in the hands of the right Little People" writes Donna Meredith. The lead character is a explicit counter to John Galt of Atlas Shrugged fame, she writes. "Nicole is a compassionate entrepreneur who also has a deep sense of loyalty and duty to family and community."

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Discussion Questions

Below are discussion questions designed to stimulate conversation and thought around the themes in St. Nic, Inc., including globalism, government overreach, entrepreneurship. social justice, prejudice, and discrimination. 

General Discussion Questions (pdf)


Questions about business, entrepreneurship, management, and leadership (pdf)


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